Property Features

  • 500+ acres in secluded area of Southern New Hampshire
  • 3 parcels of undeveloped land with timber: Pine, Oak, Maple, and Ash
  • Frontage on Curtis Pond
  • Access roads on Route 78 Warwick Road, Curtis Road, and Snow Road
  • Water and electric utilities on street (Warwick Road)
  • Total Taxes for 2019: $1,557 (in current use)
  • Asking Price: $1,500,000
  • Currently investigating feasibility study for 227 unit mobile home park

Winchester, NH  - LAND

This is a very large 500 plus acre parcel of land with frontage on several roads: Route 78 Warwick Rd, Old Snow Rd, Curits Pond Rd, and Old Lewis Rd. Frontage on Old Snow Rd exceeds a mile by itself. This site can possibly also be served by municipal water along Route 78. It is my understanding that Curtis Rd is not contiguous: that it is bisected by Curtis Pond. Along the eastern section of Curtis Rd, which abuts two of the parcels, there exists electricial and telephone lines which been extended up to the Curtis Pond area. In addition, there could exist the possibilty to extend utilities along the most southerly means of ingress and egress from Route 78-Warwick Rd along Old Lewis Rd.

Parcel 1 - Map 2 Lot 44

Parcel 3 - Map 2 Lot 43-2

Acreage: 322ac.
Frontage: 1367ft on Curtis Road (east)

                  785ft on Curtis Road (west)

                  767ft along private driveway (neighbor) near to Curtis Hill

Access 1: Rte 78 Warwick Road via Old Lewis Road ROW (south)

Access 2: Rte 78 Warwick Road via Curtis Road east

Potential Access: Route 10 via Curtis Road west

Waterfront: 700' on west shore of Curtis Pond

Special Features: Curtis Hill in western part of property, logging landing, old farm house foundation, old dug well. Can connect to Parcels 2 and 3 by crossing Curtis Road in 2 places.

Parcel 2 - Map 2 Lot 43

Acreage: 160.86ac.
Frontage: 1367ft on Curtis Road (northwest border)

                  393ft on Curtis Road (southeast)

Access 1: Rte 78 via Old Snow Road to the north

Access 2: Rte 78 Warwick Road via Curtis Road east

Special Features: Property occupies the highland above the Snow Brook wildlife. Snow Brook runs through southern part of land from Curtis Pond. Abuts Parcel 3 (listed below) and has shared 1430' property line along southwest corner.

Acreage: 18.82ac.
Frontage: 985ft on Curtis Road (west)

Access 1: Rte 10 via Curtis Road west to Curtis Corner

Potential Access: Snow Road, via Parcel 2

Special Features: Abuts Parcel 2 (listed above) and has shared 1430' property line along north and east corner. Abuts Parcel 1 by crossing Curtis Road along 607' shared road frontage. Occupies the hillside above Snow Pond and Snow Brook and Curtis Pond.

This map directs to the main access to Parcel 1 located between 543-563 Warwick Road, which is the southern most of the accesses. This ROW for Old Lewis Road is just north or Johnson Court on Rte 78 Warwick Road. Use the road map view for directions. Zoom in to view terrain, or use satellite to view property layout.

Directions and Maps

Surrounding  Area

Access Roads

Curtis Road east to Rte 78

Old Lewis Road ROW east to Rte 78

Snow Road north to Rte 78

Previous Proposed Plans

This plan was a proposed subdivision map of the 3 properties, with Route 78 access on the top and Snow Road access in the bottom left. This is only a conceptual rendering as an idea of what could possibly be developed on the property. It was not submitted for applications.

Clockwise from top left: Winchester Center Church, Ashuelot River Covered Bridge, Town Hall, Pisgah State Park, Town Hall and Conant Library, Coombs Covered Bridge